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Prince William not sure about wife Kate Middleton’s recovery?

Prince William would rather take ‘selfie’ than answer questions about Princess Kate’s recovery

By Web Desk
March 05, 2024
File Footage

Prince William, for unknown reason, just avoided a question asked to him about the recovery of his wife Princess Kate Middleton from abdominal surgery.

While the Prince visited the Wrexham AFC stadium on Friday, March 1, one person from the crowd asked him, ““How’s Catherine?”, as in a video obtained by Daily Mail

The Prince seemed to completely ignore the question and kept walking.

However, when another fan asked him for a selfie, William had an answer right away. “Can I say hello to the team? I’ll come back,” he said.

William visited the stadium alone while the Princess of Wales, 42 continues to rest at home recovering from her surgery that took place in January.

This is not the first occasion he appeared alone, William attended several events without his wife in the past three months, including the BAFTAs.

In addition to the recent stadium visit, William also paid a visit to the students of Welsh elementary school to commemorate St. David's Day, where he was gifted stuffed animals for his and Kate's children—Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5.

William was also presented with a big flower bouquet, apparently for Kate.

“I’ll pass those on to Catherine, as well,” said William while receiving the flowers. “You all seem very happy, very smart.”