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Meghan Markle could win King Charles heart by playing role in Harry, William's reunion

Meghan Markle could win Kate Middleton's title of 'peacemaker' with her one move

By Web Desk
March 04, 2024
Meghan Markle could win King Charles IIIs heart with her one big decision
Meghan Markle could win King Charles III's heart with her one big decision

Meghan Markle has golden opportunity to win King Charles's trust with her one brilliant move as all eyes are on her to make peace between two feuding brothers, Prince Harry and Prince William.

The Duchess of Sussex could also be given Kate Middleton's famous title of 'peacemaker' if she really plays her role in helping two brothers end their feud.

It would be a "good move" for the Duchess to help bring Harry and William back together, a PR expert has claimed.

The mother-of-two has been urged to take a "leading role" as she can convince Harry to take the first step to melt the ice for the sake of his cancer-stricken father, who always wants his sons to bury the hatchet.

In his 2023 bombshell book, Spare, Prince Harry claimed he was physically attacked by his brother William during a row in 2019. But, the British public is "rooting" for the two brothers to makeup, Luana Ribeira, founder of Dauntless PR, told Daily Express US.

"I think deep down a large part of the British public is rooting for Prince Harry and Prince William to rediscover the closeness they once had," said Ribeira.

She went on expressing the people's thoughts about the Duchess, saying: "Whether there is any truth in it or not, people are quick to blame Meghan for their fractured relationship - making her into a sort of royal Yoko Ono figure.

"For Meghan, it would be a good move for her to take a leading role in helping bring these brothers back together so they can support their father together."

Ribeira concluded: "I think the main thing the couple could do to turn public perception about them around is to build bridges with the Royal Family. News of King Charles' cancer diagnosis makes this the ideal time for both sides to draw a line under things which have been done and said in the past and mend relationships."