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Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter admits to being 'afraid'

‘Wonder Woman’ star Lynda Carter revealed one of her greatest fears when it comes to her appearance

By Web Desk
March 04, 2024
I don’t know that I’ve changed too dramatically, Lynda Carter says on ageing
'I don’t know that I’ve changed too dramatically,' Lynda Carter says on ageing 

Lynda Carter revealed candid insights into her iconic status as Wonder Woman as well as her fear of going under the knife.

The star, who is best known for her 1976 character, disclosed during an interview with PEOPLE, on how she still basked in recognition from fans.

"People still recognise me all the time as Wonder Woman," the 72-year-old actress shared.

During the interview, she further shared her tips on ageing gracefully.

"I don’t know that I’ve changed too dramatically," she continued.

"I don’t cut my face, so I probably look just myself, but older."

Emphasising that she hasn’t had facelifts that could leave her looking like someone else, Carter explained, "And I've never had any facial surgery because I’m afraid. It’s scary because we’ve all seen some bad ones."

Moreover, she made headlines for her stunning appearance at Paris Fashion Week with her daughter Jessica, 32.

Shedding light on her glamorous look, the former actress admitted that it took collective effort, "That outcome is spending time in a chair with some good people doing your hair and makeup."

"If everyone did a three-hour makeover before they left the house, then they'd all look amazing," she added.

For the unversed, the star left Hollywood in the early '80s after marrying late lawyer Robert Altman to raise her children in Washington, D.C.