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Dwayne Johnson ‘regrets’ not saying goodbye to his father: Video

Dwayne Johnson remembers his late father, who was also an amazing WWE wrester, on social media

By Web Desk
March 02, 2024
Dwayne Johnson pays tribute to this late father: Video
Dwayne Johnson pays tribute to this late father: Video

Dwayne Johnson has recently expressed his regret for not mending relation with his father, the late WWE wrestler Rocky ‘Soulman’ Johnson prior to his death.

On Friday, The Rock took to Instagram and posted a throwback video of his father, who passed away at 75 in 2020.

In the clip, a young Dwayne could be seen looking on from the crowd as his late father held a title belt in the ring.

“Just delivering flowers to heaven to my old man, Rocky “Soulman” Johnson,” he began in the caption.

The Black Adam actor wrote, “My dad, along with 'Mr USA,' Tony Atlas made pro wrestling history by becoming the first ever Black Heavyweight Tag Team Champions for the @WWE.

“He came up the hard way, and trail-blazed for all of us men of color - in any sport & level of entertainment. But it was also very important to him to pave the way for all men, any color - it didn’t matter,” explained Dwayne.

The Jumanji actor shared, “My regret in this life is that I never had a chance to say goodbye to him, because he died suddenly.”

Dwayne stated, “I regret not reconciling our complicated father/son before I lost him. Raised me with tough fatherly love and an even tougher hand.”

“The more I live life, the more grateful I am for it,” he concluded.