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Luke Perry clashed with Tori Spelling's boyfriend in Christmas party confrontation

Luke Perry's confrontation with Tori Spelling's toxic boyfriend at family Christmas bash

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March 01, 2024
Luke Perry engages in heated exchange with Tori Spellings partner, book exposes.
Luke Perry engages in heated exchange with Tori Spelling's partner, book exposes.

Luke Perry found himself in a heated altercation with the boyfriend of his co-star Tori Spelling during a Christmas party hosted by Spelling's family in the mid-1990s, as revealed in a new book. 

Perry, renowned for his role in the show, confronted Nick Savalas at the lavish $150 million Spelling family mansion in Los Angeles, expressing concerns about his presence in Spelling's life.

According to Margaret Wappler's upcoming book, A Good Bad Boy: Luke Perry and How a Generation Grew Up, he confronted Nick, asserting, "I love her, and you should not be in her life." 

As onlookers, including Spelling's parents, witnessed the tense exchange, the confrontation escalated into a physical altercation, nearly toppling an 18-foot Christmas tree in the process.

Following the incident, he reportedly orchestrated an intervention in the ensuing months to persuade Spelling to end her relationship with Savalas. 

Spelling later revealed the extent of the toxicity in her relationship, acknowledging Nick's abusive behavior, which included incessantly calling her derogatory names such as "ugly" up to ten times a day.