Sunday April 14, 2024

Tish Cyrus' husband Dominic Purcell spotted relaxing on Malibu beach

Dominic Purcell lounges beachside amid speculations of romantic entanglements

By Web Desk
March 01, 2024
Tish Cyrus accused of stealing Dominic Purcell from daughter Noah.
Tish Cyrus accused of stealing Dominic Purcell from daughter Noah.

Amid swirling allegations of familial discord and romantic entanglements, actor Dominic Purcell sought solace with a solitary beach day in Malibu. 

The star appeared affected by the tumultuous family drama as he indulged in a surfing session to temporarily escape the pressures. 

Later, Purcell was observed reclining on the sand in a contemplative posture, gazing upwards towards the sky.

The outing follows recent claims made by family insiders suggesting that Tish had purportedly "stolen" Purcell from her daughter, Noah Cyrus. 

Reports surfaced alleging a fabricated relationship between Noah and Purcell, with sources indicating that Noah's involvement was an attempt to portray herself as a victim amidst the ongoing family conflict.

In the midst of ongoing controversy, Purcell opted for a tranquil solo outing on Wednesday, seeking respite from the tumultuous situation. 

The actor was observed parking his gray pick-up truck before preparing his surfboard for a day on the waves. 

Dressed in an all-black ensemble and walking barefoot, Purcell meticulously waxed his board in preparation for his surfing venture.