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Ariana Grande questions 'selective' credibility of tabloids

Ariana Grande's seventh album 'Eternal Sunshine' will released next week

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February 27, 2024
Ariana Grande questions selective credibility of tabloids
Ariana Grande questions 'selective' credibility of tabloids

Ariana Grande talked about how tabloids' attention affects public opinion of celebrities, saying that the credibility of a story often depends on the audience's pre-existing opinion of famous people.

“We selectively remember that this is what the tabloids do to people, especially women, based on whether or not we like the person,” Grande said during an appearance on the Zach Sang Show.

“We selectively leave space for humanness, for nuance,” she continued, adding that readers of tabloids “don’t leave space for that.”

Grande went on to elaborate, saying that readers will make room for humanity "for their friends and family," but that "they turn it off when that aligns with the version of a person that they have in their head that they want to believe is true." Grande's seventh album, Eternal Sunshine, is set to be released next week.

The singer known for One Last Time made some remarks following a difficult period of media coverage for her. 

She recently finished filming the highly anticipated Wicked movies, with the first one scheduled to be released in November. The trailer debuted during the Super Bowl. 

Last September, she filed for divorce from her former spouse, Dalton Gomez. Around the same time, there were rumours of her being romantically involved with Ethan Slater, her co-star in Wicked.