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Brandi Glanville alleges sexual harassment by inebriated Andy Cohen

Brandi Glanville alleges proposal to watch intimate act with Bravo personality

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February 23, 2024
Brandi Glanville alleges abuse of power by Bravo executive Andy Cohen.
Brandi Glanville alleges abuse of power by Bravo executive Andy Cohen.

Brandi Glanville has leveled accusations of sexual harassment against Bravo executive Andy Cohen. 

A legal letter, issued by Glanville's attorneys to NBC, Shed Media, and Warner Bros. on Thursday, alleges that Cohen, described as "obviously inebriated," sent her a video in 2022 discussing his desire to engage in sexual activity with another Bravo star. 

Furthermore, Cohen purportedly invited the tv personality star to witness the encounter over FaceTime.

According to her attorney Bryan Freedman, the video depicted Cohen boasting of his intention to sleep with the unidentified Bravo star while inviting her to observe via FaceTime. 

While the identity of the Bravo personality remains undisclosed in the letter, Cohen later confirmed it to be Below Deck alum Kate Chastain in response to Brandi's accusations on social media.

Cohen, an openly gay man, clarified that he and Chastain were engaging in jest about hooking up, acknowledging the inappropriateness of their conversation. 

He emphasized that Glanville's response indicated her participation in the joke.

Despite this, he expressed regret for the exchange, labeling it as "totally inappropriate" and issuing an apology.

Freedman draws a parallel between Cohen's behavior and past instances of workplace misconduct, referencing the case of Matt Lauer's abrupt termination from the Today show over allegations of sexual misconduct. 

While NBC denied any cover-up, journalist Ronan Farrow's book alleges internal efforts by the network to protect Lauer.

He accuses NBC, Bravo, Warner Bros., and Shed Media of mistreatment, claiming they "used and abused" Glanville while concealing evidence that could exonerate her.