Monday February 26, 2024

Donnie Yen to star in Universal Picture's 'Kung Fu' film adaptation

Donnie Yen previously starred in a lead role in the 'Kung Fu' television series

February 01, 2024
Donnie Yen to star in Kung Fu, an adaptation of the 70s TV series
Donnie Yen to star in Kung Fu, an adaptation of the 70s' TV series

Donnie Yen, the Hong Kong action filmmaker is all set to star in 87North and Universal Pictures’ Kung Fu, an adaptation of the 70s’ TV series.

Kelly McCormick, Stephen L’Hereaux, David Leitch, and Guy Danella will produce along with Leitch’s directions.

Ed Spielman, the mastermind behind Kung Fu television series, will be working as its executive producer.

With Donnie Yen taking the lead in both the entertainment worlds, the studio was quite familiar with the actor’s global reach. They had eyes for someone who could be ‘best of both worlds.’

They were aware of the star’s portfolio and needed someone who could get the job done.

Speaking of his exceptional qualities and skills, Leitch noted: “Donnie Yen is both an immensely talented actor and an action film legend, and it is a privilege to have a true martial arts master leading this global film,”

“With Donnie in place as our leading man, it will be a thrill to collaborate with him, our creative partners, and Universal in reimagining this beloved story for the big screen.”

Yen has worked in similar Martial Arts films that have garnered global appreciation, including SPL/Kill Zone and Flashpoint.

The original ABC series revolved around David Carradine as a master martial artist who escaped to China following his master’s murder. He dealt with extreme racism while assassins made attempts to murder him.

The actor played the role in a spectacular way, making attempts to dodge any shortcomings until provoked.