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King Charles 'calls emergency meeting' with William, Kate amid abdication rumours

King Charles reportedly decides to leave the throne for Prince William

By Web Desk
January 02, 2024
King Charles could abdicate to Prince William
King Charles could abdicate to Prince William

King Charles has reportedly decided to abdicate to his eldest son Prince William following in Queen Margrethe of Denmark's footsteps who's set to step down as monarch on January 14.

"The 75-year-old monarch has summoned a meeting with the Prince and Princess of Wales to discuss the future of the monarchy," an insider has claimed.

"The King, who's a caretaker of the throne for his eldest son, will ask William and Kate to prepare for their future roles," they added.

However, the source added: "Prince William wants his father to continue until his eldest son Prince George, second to line of throne, comes to a certain age."

It comes after Danish Queen Margrethe, 83, revealed that her son, Crown Prince Frederik, will succeed her and become the new King of Denmark.

There are speculations that the monarch, who was officially crowned alongside his wife Queen Camilla in May 2023, wants to use the future king and Queen's "star quality" to help secure the future of the royal family.

Royal fans have also asked the King to set an example by celebrating his son's crowing ceremony in his life. Some have requested the King to take proper care of his health and enjoy the rest of his life with grandchildren.

King Charles ascended to the throne following his mother Queen Elizabeth II's passing in September 2022. Some believe that the 75-year-old is carrying out his duty to ensure the throne is there for future generations.

Some are giving examples of the abdication of Beatrix of the Netherlands to Willem-Alexander in 2013. They are claiming it was an ideal precedent. It prompted an outpouring of gratitude for her reign, a welcome for her son and a stronger monarchy as a result.

Beatrix, 85, is a member of the Dutch royal house who reigned as Queen of the Netherlands from 1980 until her abdication in 2013. Beatrix is the eldest daughter of Queen Juliana and her husband, Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld. Upon her mother's accession in 1948, she became heir presumptive.

On the other hand, some royal experts and historians believe the abdication of the Danish Queen in favour of her son Frederik is a sign of a sensible constitutional monarchy.