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Meghan Markle forced herself into seclusion over 'upsetting' Christmas

Meghan Markle was reprotedly so upset that she staged photos to silence her critics

December 10, 2023
Meghan Markle was called out for her cringeworthy appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Meghan Markle was called out for her 'cringeworthy' appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Meghan Markle had reportedly staged paparazzi photos after it was claimed that the former actress remained indoors following the backlash she received over her appearance on The Ellen Show.

Back in November 2021, the Duchess of Sussex was snapped out in Montecito however, many believed that the photos were staged after it was reported that Meghan was not pleased with reports claiming that she was 'upset'.

At the time royal commentator Neil Sean alleged that the Suits alum was "so upset" over the response on her 'cringeworthy' show on Ellen that she had "taken to indoors".

In response, the Duchess of Sussex had seemingly called in a team of paparazzi to photograph her looking unbothered by the revelation.

Comments on social media saw her critics draw flack as they called her out for attempting to calm the storm after her interview.  

"Meghan was so triggered by an article saying she was staying at home over the Ellen backlash, she staged a paparazzi shoot of her shopping and trying to look busy with two phones that were switched off."

"She called the Paps. Santa Barbara is a small community, paparazzi aren’t just hanging around waiting for her to come out."