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Marvel settles legal battle over 'Spider-Man', 'Doctor Strange' rights

This legal battle has important implications for the comic book industry

December 08, 2023
Marvel settles legal battle over Spider-Man, Doctor Strange rights
Marvel settles legal battle over 'Spider-Man', 'Doctor Strange' rights

A long-standing legal battle between Marvel Entertainment and the estate of Steve Ditko, who co-created iconic characters like Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, has finally come to an end.

The two parties announced a settlement on December 7, 2023, just days before the start of a trial that could have jeopardized Marvel's ownership of the characters.

The lawsuit stemmed from Ditko's claim that he had created the characters for hire, and that Marvel therefore did not own the copyrights.

Ditko's estate argued that Marvel had intentionally kept him on contract to prevent him from claiming his rightful share of the characters' profits.

However, Marvel argued that Ditko had been an employee of the company and that the characters had been created as part of his work duties. They also argued that Ditko had received significant compensation for his work, including royalties and bonuses.

The settlement terms have not been publicly disclosed, but it is believed that Marvel has agreed to pay Ditko's estate a substantial sum of money. The settlement also reportedly includes a "handshake clause" that prevents either party from speaking publicly about the dispute.

This settlement is a major victory for Marvel, as it secures their ownership of two of their most popular and profitable characters. It also removes a cloud of uncertainty that had been hanging over the company for several years.

However, the settlement is also a bittersweet victory for Ditko's estate. While they have received some financial compensation, they have also given up their claim to the characters that Ditko co-created.

This legal battle has important implications for the comic book industry. It raises questions about the rights of creators who work for hire, and it highlights the need for clear and concise contracts that protect all parties involved.