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Simu Liu expresses his excitement for hosting the 21st Unforgettable Gala

Simu Liu shares his thoughts about UNFO in a press statement

December 07, 2023
Simu Liu to host the UNFO awards show honouring entertainment industry
Simu Liu to host the UNFO awards show honouring entertainment industry

Simu Liu has recently expressed his excitement after being announced as the host the 21st Unforgettable Gala (UNFO), the annual awards show honouring the entertainment industry’s Asian Pacific Islander community.

“Unforgettable is one of my favourite events of the year, and I’m excited to return to emcee and celebrate with all the incredible talent in the room,” said Liu in a press statement shared by Variety.

The Barbie star added, “Despite a challenging year for the entertainment industry, Asian creatives in Hollywood are more resilient than ever, and we’ll continue to push forward for more representation.”

The ceremony, which will take place on December 16, will showcase “API excellence and representation across entertainment, arts and culture”.

James Ryu, who founded the Unforgettable Gala in 2002, spoke up about this year’s event, stating, “I’m incredibly proud of the resilience of both the Hollywood industry as well as the entire Unforgettable Gala team for getting us to this moment.”

Despite dealing with the strikes and so much economic uncertainty this past year, we were able to push through these trials and make it to this year-end celebration and on the original date that we set at the beginning of the year.”

The outlet reported that the cast of Netflix’s Never Have I Ever will receive the Vanguard Award. Adele will accept the Director Award for her movie, Joy Ride and Sung Jin Lee will take home the Writer Award for Beef.

Meanwhile, this year’s actor award will be presented to Charles Melton (May December) while Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee will accept the Lexus Legacy Award on behalf of her late father.