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Enrique Iglesias sells music catalog in massive nine-figure deal

Enrique Iglesias music catalog nets nine-figure sum in blockbuster deal

By Web Desk
December 07, 2023
Enrique Iglesias music catalog sale makes waves in industry with record ninefigure price tag.
Enrique Iglesias' music catalog sale makes waves in industry with record ninefigure price tag.

Spanish sensation Enrique Iglesias has reportedly sealed a deal worth 'nine figures,' selling his illustrious music catalog to the esteemed music rights platform, Influence Media Partners. 

Enrique who recently announced his retirement from recording albums, solidified this partnership covering not just his music but also his 'name, image, and likeness,' along with potential 'future licensing opportunities.'

While the deal encompasses Iglesias' masters released by Universal and various independents, it notably excludes his 2021 Sony album and any forthcoming releases. 

In a statement, the father-of-three expressed his anticipation for the collaboration, saying, "My songs hold immense significance for both my fans and me. I'm excited to be working with the Influence Media team. 

I feel confident we will build an enduring partnership for my music and future projects."

Lylette Pizarro, Founder and Co-Managing Partner of Influence Media, hailed Enrique Iglesias as a 'global icon,' deeming his inclusion in the 'Influence Media family' a 'game-changing moment' for the company. 

Acknowledging Iglesias's pivotal role in popularizing bilingual music, Pizarro dubbed him one of the "most recognizable figures in modern music" and underlined his Grammy-winning status