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Prince William's reign will end Harry and Meghan's game?

Prince William's 'merciless' plan about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed

By Web Desk
December 06, 2023
Prince William wont show mercy to Meghan and Harry after becoming King: report
Prince William won't show mercy to Meghan and Harry after becoming King: report 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may not have a place in the Firm when Prince William becomes the king, according to a new report.

The future king's merciless plan for his younger brother Harry and his wife Meghan has been revealed. 

The Prince of Wales, according to Express UK, has made it clear to King Charles III that it should be business as usual without the Duke and Duchess of Sussex moving forward.

"William is already planning for when he becomes King, and he doesn’t see a future for the Sussexes in the Royal Family," the source told the outlet.

"The feeling is that allowing the Sussexes back into the fold is a bad move and they should be resigned to the fringes indefinitely. William is completely adamant that they [the Sussexes] shouldn’t be welcomed back while the King thinks it would help stop the media circus surrounding the family," the source said.

They went on explaining: "William doesn’t think the Sussexes have much more ammunition and they’ve already played their best cards. Charles is the only senior member of the family who is holding out any hope of a reconciliation, but that has more to do with Harry being his son than anything else.

"Senior royals are more than aware that Harry and Meghan’s popularity has nose-dived since Megxit and are concerned that letting them back into the fold could prove catastrophic for the family."

The source concluded: "They don’t want to be part of being booed at public events and they certainly don’t want to be seen as weak for allowing them back in after everything they’ve done."