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Jean-Claude Van Damme wants to be included in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s friends’ circle

Arnold Schwarzenegger calls Jean-Claude Van Damme ‘ego-crazed’, claims source

December 04, 2023
Jean-Claude Van Damme wants to hang out with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s pals
Jean-Claude Van Damme wants to hang out with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s pals

Hollywood action star Jean-Claude Van Damme has expressed his desire to be included in the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s friends’ circle.

A source spilled to the National Enquirer, “Arnold declines to shake hands with the ‘Muscles From Brussels’ who's currently hawking his own brand of whiskey.”

“Jean-Claude wants to meet for lunch, hang out and be introduced to Arnold's pals at the gym, yet he continues to brag about his popularity and bravery and how he still does his own stunts,” stated an insider.

Source told the outlet, “Van Damme also claims Arnold pals’ in comparison and that doesn't sit well with a lot of people especially Arnie.”

“So, it's no wonder the Governator is icing him out,” remarked an insider.

While Arnold and Sylvester Stallone lately moved past their differences, sources shared that the Terminator star “never warmed up to Van Damme”, even after they co-starred in 2012’s The Expendables 2.

Arnold wanted to teach a lesson in humility to Van Damme after the latter bragged about travelling to “dangerous countries for work”.

“Arnold thinks Jean-Claude is ego-crazed and needs to be taught a lesson in humility before he lets the guy join his club,” added an insider.

Not only Arnold, Van Damme also had a longstanding rivalry with another actor, Steven Seagal, “If Steven doesn't like me, that's OK. If someone like [Ludwig van] Beethovan or [Albert] Einstein didn’t like me, maybe that would concern me.”

However, Van Damme added, “Seagal, I don’t mind him not liking me. I really don’t mind. I don’t think there’s any sort of problem.”