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Kate Middleton's most racy moment to be featured on The Crown

Kate Middleton's risqué moment reportedly won her husband Prince William

By Web Desk
November 29, 2023
Kate Middletons outfit at a charity fashion show reportedly turned heads
Kate Middleton's outfit at a charity fashion show reportedly turned heads

The Crown will be giving viewers a glimpse into the very moment Prince William first found Kate Middleton attractive.

In the show’s final two-part season, the Princess of Wales will be show in the racy sheer dress and black underwear outfit she wore when walking for a charity fashion show.

As per photos making rounds on X, formerly known as Twitter, it showed actress Meg Bellamy sporting the racy look as it teased the “first look at the epic conclusion”.

Reacting to the moment, fans flocked to the comments to gush over the revelation.

”OMG!! Meg Bellamy personified as Kate, with the dress that won William over. I can't wait to see that scene in The Crown,” one user wrote. 

”They’re doing the swimsuit Kate scene OMG,” another said. 

The moment itself was said to be a major turning point in the way the Prince of Wales began viewing the Duchess of Cambridge.

William, who was seated front row at the show, reportedly turned to a pal and commented: ”Wow, Kate’s hot.”

The show went on to becoming Princess Kate's most distinguishable moment as the Charlotte Todd dress went up for auction for £78,000.