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Robert Irwin honours late Steve Irwin with iconic ‘like father, like son’ moment

Robert Irwin frequently shares memories of his father, Steve, who was killed by a stingray in 2006

By A. Akmal
November 29, 2023
Robert Irwin is the only son of  late wildlife expert Steve Irwin
Robert Irwin is the only son of  late wildlife expert Steve Irwin

Robert Irwin took a trip down memory lane by revisiting some memories of his childhood and also sharing an homage to his late father, Steve Irwin.

The conservationist, 19, took to his Instagram on Wednesday to share two posts on his Instagram page recreating an infamous photo of his legendary zookeeper dad from 2008.

In the daring photo, Steve Irwin can be seen feeding a massive crocodile with his bare hands. Similarly, Robert also jumped into action to replicate the moment as a tribute to his father. He captioned the carousel post as “Like father, like son.”

Just before his homage to late father, Robert also tried to fit into a tree stump from 15 years ago in Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

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He captured himself crawling inside that dead tree and cheekily ginned like he did at the age of four. In the caption he quipped, “Same tree stump, 15 years apart… bit less roomy these days [laughing emoji]”

The tribute comes a month after Robert was seen getting emotional over a zoo milestone linked to his late father.

He shared about the recent hatching of an Irwin’s turtle, which marked the first time the rare freshwater species was bred in a zoo since Steve discovered a female specimen during a crocodile-hunting trip on the Burdekin River in Queensland in 1990, via People Magazine.