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Emily Ratajkowski’s ‘fatphobic’ photoshoot slammed with a bang!

Emily Ratajkowski mounts criticism on choice of controversial jeans

November 29, 2023
Emily Ratajkowski accused of insensitivity, brews backlash.
Emily Ratajkowski accused of insensitivity, brews backlash.

Emily Ratajkowski is being slammed following outrage over a recent photoshoot.

Fans are calling her “a fatphobic hypocrite” after the 32-year-old model posed in a variety of outfits for a French magazine called Le Monde, as posted on Instagram.

While all of the photos turned out okay, there was one in particular that has followers loading non-stop questions.

In the image, she stood in one leg of an enormously oversize jeans, holding the waistband away from her body to show off the significantly large sized gap left between her toned figure and the denim cloth.

Many commentators say that it has struck as an awful choice for a fashion shoot set up, reminding them of early weight loss advertisements.

An individual wrote in the comment section, “I bet you and the entire crew that could have stopped that photo really thought y’all did something… oh y’all did something alright. The fashion industry disgusts me.”

“I cant believe she wrote a book but even more unbelievable is anyone that bought it,” another person chimed in, referring to Emily’s 2021 book My Body, which extensively discusses beauty standards, body image, and the pressure that women’s bodies are subjected to.

Other than this, she has expressed struggles with her own physique throughout these years and has been quite vocal about the harsh dealings of the modeling industry when it comes to females.