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Salman Khan got his calm from his father Salim Khan

‘Tiger 3’ star Salman Khan opened up about how Salim Khan’s career influenced the actor

By Web Desk
November 25, 2023
Salman Khan got his calm from his father Salim Khan

Salman Khan’s life, career and personality are majorly influenced by his father Salim Khan’s life.

In an interview with Times Entertainment, Salman Khan got candid when asked how he managed to keep his cool during his struggle in the industry.

The superstar said, “I've seen it at home.”

“I don't think anyone can take anything away from you that you deserve. I don't think you can snatch something from someone that they deserve,” he added.

Salman further continued, “You just have to give your best and you can shine but you don't need to out-shadow someone or cut someone's role in a movie or show someone down.

When you do these things, the audience sees that. I don't see a motive to do that.”

Salman Khan further credited his father for his tolerance of success and failure.

"Before I even became an actor, I've seen failure, success, failure, success with my father's career. When my father was successful as a writer, I didn't see him going nuts or ballistic,” he explained.

Adding, “When he went down as well, I saw the same father standing there. I didn't see any change in my father's personality. That's what all of us, brothers and sisters got it from him.”

Further talking about his reaction to the results his new film Tiger 3 may drive, the Wanted star clarified, saying, “If a film like Tiger 3 is successful, we may not celebrate it. But perhaps if a film fails, we will not cry either. Because we've given our best."