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Meghan Markle to 'settle scores' with Kate Middleton via 'goldmine' comeback

The Duchess of Sussex is believed to be following into the footsteps of Prince Harry and release a memoir

November 06, 2023
The Duchess of Sussex is reportedly planning a comeback
The Duchess of Sussex is reportedly planning a comeback 

Meghan Markle is secretly cooking up a comeback following a muted few months, royal experts suggested.

The Duchess of Sussex signed with top Hollywood talent agency WME earlier this year, however, there hasn’t been any update on her prospective projects since the release of Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan last year.

Speaking to The Times, royal expert Tom Bower hinted at the mom of two reviving her Hollywood career in the wake of the success of Netflix lawyer series, Suits.

He also suggested the former actress might follow into the footsteps of her husband Prince Harry and release a tell-all memoir.

“It will be Meghan's truth. There will be a readership for it because she'll undoubtedly settle some scores from her point of view,” the author of Revenge shared.

“What she says she said to the Queen, to Kate, to Philip, all that will be in the book whether corroborated or not, and that's a goldmine.”

“I think she absolutely is going to return to acting,” Bower affirmed.

Meanwhile, royal watcher Richard Fitzwilliams warned the former royals about the impending future should they fail to save their crumbling empire at the right time.

“At the moment if feels as though their empire is crumbling but its not crumbled yet,” he told The Sun. “The question is why are they so quiet at the moment? What is going on?

“It really does seem they are brewing something up with their new team,” Fitzwilliams reflected. “I would not be surprised if we had an announcement from them very soon.”