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William, Kate Middleton struggle to upkeep façade of ‘crumbling’ marriage

The Prince and Princess of Wales sparked rumors of marital woes

By Web Desk
October 29, 2023

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Prince William and Kate Middleton sparked rumors of marital woes through subtle hints and body language.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, a royal critic posted a video clip of the Prince and Princess of Wales at the 2023 Royal Charity Polo Cup in Windsor, where she could be seen grimacing at her husband during one of their public engagements.

They noted no matter how much the senior royals try to be discreet; the issues in their end up shining through the “crumbling façade.”

“Kate tries to be discreet but her anger and frustration are becoming harder and harder to hide,” they wrote. “William can't even pretend anymore.”

The critic predicted royal expert Camilla Tominey’s bias toward the Waleses scrambling to do damage control by writing “a new rumor” about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage.

They also affirmed it’s “so obvious” the senior royals “are not in love,” adding that the King-in-waiting is “tired”.

“I just love that this fraudulent couple are finally under the microscope that they put Harry & Meghan under for so many years,” another critic sneered in the comments.