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Travis Kelce dances to ‘Shake It Off’ at World Series sans Taylor Swift: Watch

Taylor Swift attended four out of the last five games played by Travis Kelce and he won all of them

October 28, 2023

file footage

Travis Kelce was spotted in the crowd at the World Series without his new girlfriend Taylor Swift.

The NFL star graced the stands at Globe Field in Arlington, Texas as the Rangers hosted the Diamondbacks for Game1 of the Fall Classic on Friday night, October 27.

The Kansas City Chief enjoyed the evening from a suite in the ballpark while sporting a multicolored flannel shirt layered upon a white t-shirt; he paired the outfit with a Green hat.

As per several videos surfacing on the internet, recorded by people in the crowd, when the stadium’s sound system played one of Swift’s hits, Shake It Off, Kelce couldn’t resist tuning in and dancing.

Fox’s cameras captured Kelce and many others in the crowd including former Yankees great CC Sabathia, and former president and first lady, George W. Bush and Laura Bush.

Despite Swift not being in attendance in the Lone Star State, reports suggest things are heating up between the two.

According to PEOPLE, a source reported, “It’s quickly turning more serious. They share a strong work ethic and have a huge appreciation for life and their careers, strong family bonds and values.”

Swift attended four out of the last five games played by Chiefs, and in all of those, Kelce emerged victorious.