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King Charles takes a page from Late Queen's playbook for working holiday

King Charles' autumn agenda packed with engagements, including Kenya visit

October 23, 2023

King Charles and Queen bid adieu to their eventful summer hiatus, they're gearing up for a busy autumn filled with royal engagements, including an eagerly anticipated state visit to Kenya next month. 

Although their recent months in Scotland might have seemed like an idyllic retreat, a closer look reveals it was anything but restful. 

The King was far from taking a leisurely break; instead, he was on a mission to make his presence felt.

A meticulous examination of the Court Circular uncovers that from July, traditionally the time when the monarch enjoys a brief sojourn at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, to the first week of October, the King participated in nearly 40 engagements in Scotland. 

This surge in royal activity came at a crucial juncture when the monarchy's popularity in Scotland was waning, and support for independence remained steadfast. 

Some constitutional experts even speculate that the King's actions were a strategic move to bolster the Union.

In a bid to fortify the Union, the King takes an active stance amid declining monarch popularity in Scotland and steady support for independence. 

Rather than luxuriating in the tranquil hideaways of Birkhall and Balmoral, the King embarks on a dynamic journey, venturing into the heart of Scottish communities, visiting local businesses, and engaging with grassroots projects.