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Meghan Markle creates air of unpredictability with memoir

Meghan Markle reportedly plans on writing a memoir

By Web Desk
October 04, 2023
Meghan Markle is reportedly planning on writing a memoir
Meghan Markle is reportedly planning on writing a memoir

Meghan Markle’s reported memoir is reportedly touted to be an unpredictable work as it was pondered upon what the Duchess of Sussex would write.

According to royal expert Angela Levin, while speaking to Sky News Australia, the Duchess of Sussex’s reported memoir could likely be an extension of her previous works where she “moaned and groaned” about how bad her royal life was.

However, she elaborated that it was possible that the Duchess of Sussex could take a different route and give less private details about the ins and outs of her royal life. 

"The interesting thing for me is she has been saying for months now that she is writing her own biography," she said. 

"We all believed that there could be moans and groans about how badly she was treated as a royal. It would be another record like Prince Harry's but only more powerful.

"She is apparently happy, jolly, has made a change in her life, and is only looking forward.

"The most important thing for her - she will either say how wonderful life is, which I don't think she will bother in her book, or she will go backward and say what a terrible time she had and how awful everyone was to her.

"It will be interesting to see if she is as happy and jolly as ever."