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Kate Middleton brain tumour: Truth behind Princess of Wales' surgery scar

Kate Middleton reportedly had a lump in her brain

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September 27, 2023
Kate Middleton reportedly underwent surgery
Kate Middleton reportedly underwent surgery 

Kate Middleton had left the world in shock after the Princess of Wales sported a major scar on her head.

In multiple appearances over the years, royal watchers noted that the Duchess had an unmissable scar on the her head which sparked a flurry of rumours including one in which it was rumoured that the royal had gone through surgery for a brain tumour.

As per earlier reports, Kate had indeed gone through surgery owing to a health scare which she experienced when she was in school.

It was said that the Princess had a lump on the side of her head which was discovered while attending Marlborough school.

At the time, the school took the initiative to tell her Duchess of Cambridge’s mother, who then rushed her to the hospital.

The lump on the left side of her temple was then removed via emergency surgery, leaving a visible scar which royal watchers believed was initially caused by misplaced hair extensions and later turned into rumours of a brain tumour.

Kensington Palace later confirmed in 2011 that Kate had indeed gotten surgery but did not disclose the details of her ailment.