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Megan Thee Stallion gets candid on mental health: 'I can crack'

Megan Thee Stallion, being the biggest advocate of mental health, is giving major manifestation goals

By Web Desk
September 27, 2023
Megan Thee Stallion gets candid on mental health: I can crack
Megan Thee Stallion gets candid on mental health: 'I can crack'

Megan Thee Stallion is giving major manifestation goals to every body noting that it's acceptable to not feel okay.

In a brand-new video published on her social media platforms on Tuesday, the Grammy-winning rapper, 28, has partnered with the mental health awareness group, Seize the Awkward, to encourage those who are having mental health problems to ask their friends for support.

“I’ve always been told I gotta be strong. Thick-skinned, stiff upper lip. Tough as nails, [sic]” Megan started her video sitting in a chair snapping a rubber band but with a much needed affirmation.

“But to be everything for everybody… it wears on you,” the Sweetest Pie rapper continues while the walls crack around her. “‘Black don’t crack,’ they say. But it can. I can. We all can.”

The rapper further added to her message explaining while looking directly into the cameras, “Y’all, it’s OK to not be OK. Reach out to a friend if you see them going through it. No matter who you are, being vulnerable is what makes us whole. [sic]”

With that, the WAP rapper requests those who want “to help a friend with their mental health” to visit

This is not the first time The Hot Girl Summer rapper collaborated with Seize the Awkward to aware people struggling with mental health or to teach people who know someone is going through some serious problem via her platforms.

In one of the many clips, she noted: “I got involved with this campaign because I genuinely know what it feels like where I don’t want to open up and I don’t want to talk about it and I don’t tell people, ‘No, I don’t like this.’ ‘This has affected me this way.’ ‘I’m sad.’ ‘I don't want to do that’.[sic]”

The Savage rapper continues: “So I just want my Hotties to know, or anybody, but specifically my Hotties — I just want my Hotties to know, like, let it out, tell somebody because somebody does care,” she says. "Because if that person cares, they’ll make your day 100% better and helping you would have made their day better.”