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Watch: Meghan Markle left embarrassed over awkward encounter

Royal critics called out Meghan Markle after she was left red faced at Kevin Costner's charity event

By Web Desk
September 25, 2023

File Footage

Meghan Markle was caught in an awkward moment when she attended A-lister Kevin Costner’s charity fund One805 Live!.

In a video going viral on X, formerly called Twitter, it showed a woman walking towards Meghan holding a microphone and the Suits actress reaching out to take it from her as she presumed that it was going to be handed to her.

However, the woman did not give it to her, but rather yanked it back from the former actress, who awkwardly proceeded to guide the woman while Prince Harry followed behind her, as an attempt to save herself from embarrassment. 

The exchange was caught by royal watchers who put the Duchess of Sussex on blast for assuming that she was going to speak at the event.

Many proceeded to call her out for wanting attention as one user wrote, "She’s all manic over the attention she thinks the lady is giving her the microphone."

"The vapid clapping. She thinks the approaching woman is focused on her. The attempted mic grab. Nope! The too-familiar shoulder rub to deflect her mistake. The frozen smile. Harry looking lost. The mommy-push. The Costner snub. All so cringey. Why were they even there?" a second said. 

"Omg the second hand embarrassment," a third opined.