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Princess Kate holds her own during public engagements unlike 'reserved' Prince William

Princess Kate is naturally confident during solo royal engagements while Prince William often requires his wife's support

By Web Desk
September 21, 2023

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Kate Middleton is a natural when it comes to public dealings alone, contrary to Prince William, who displays some “manner of nerves” without his wife.

The Prince and Princess of Wales attended to their respective royal duties away from each other all across last week.

The next in line to the throne was in New York to announce the finalists of his 2023 Earthshot Prize, while the future Queen stayed back to visit a Royal Navy air base in Somerset among other engagements.

Body language expert Darren Stanton dished on the pair’s gestures during their respective trips, revealing, "While Kate is naturally quite confident during both solo and joint engagements, William appears more sure of himself when in the company of his wife.”

William’s lack of confidence stems from his continual practice to let the mom of three “take the lead during their joint engagements, with the royal happy to watch on proudly as she takes charge during interactions,” explained the expert.

"Out solo, William takes a more reserved approach and isn’t as animated as he can be when joined by Kate.

“The use of minimal gestures during his first outing in New York is similar to those made by the late Queen when appearing publicly. He chooses to have more of an understated yet stoic presence," Stanton added.