Saturday September 23, 2023

Mark Wahlberg doesn't see himself acting 'for much longer': It's very 'difficult'

Mark Wahlberg opened up about his future plans in the Hollywood industry

By Web Desk
September 19, 2023
Mark Wahlberg might retire from acting soon
Mark Wahlberg might retire from acting soon

Mark Wahlberg is ready to call time on his acting career.

In an interview with Cigar Aficianado, the 52-year-old actor reflected on his future projects, revealing he won’t be appearing in front of the camera for much longer.

“Well, I’m certainly working harder now than ever. Certain businesses, you kind of build them, pass them on or you exit,” Wahlberg said of his non-acting ventures.

“Hopefully my kids, we’ll see what their interests are, but I don’t think that I’ll be acting that much longer at the pace I am now,” he affirmed. “That’s for sure. Because that’s the most difficult thing.”

Since kicking off his acting career during the late ‘90s, the Italian Job actor has expanded his Hollywood empire behind the lens, taking on production opportunities as they come.

“I started becoming a producer out of necessity,” explained Wahlberg. “I didn’t want to sit around waiting for Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise or whoever was already established before me and were the guys at the time, and Leo [DiCaprio] to go and pass on a movie until I could get my hands on it. I was always proactive in trying to find material and things that I could produce, that I knew was right for me, create my own destiny.”

Thus, the Uncharted star is looking forward to stretching his talents by hopping on the director’s chairs and work with “some of the other great talents,” all while basking in the success of his tequila brand Flecha Azul.