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Inside Kate Middleton's 'least flattering colour'

Kate Middleton was rarely seen wearing a particular colour as the royal does not deem it flattering for herself

By Web Desk
August 13, 2023

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While Kate Middleton puts her best foot forward in the fashion game, the royal seemingly has her moments when she wears her least flattering colour.

Style expert Molly Elizabeth Agnew spoke to Express and shared why the Duchess of Cambridge is rarely seen in orange.

"Kate has worn pretty much every single colour imaginable, and yet she has probably worn bright orange the least. She notably wore an orange blouse underneath a white Alexander McQueen suit in Jamaica last year as well as a slightly more subdued orange knit dress earlier this year," she said. 

"Much like the late Queen, Kate enjoys wearing bright tones as they ensure she can be seen in crowds, and orange is certainly bright! The most likely answer as to why she tends to steer clear of the colour is personal preference."

Instead, the Princess of Wales opted to wear other colour similar to orange. 

"We all have colours we don’t overly enjoy wearing! She has worn deeper rust shades, and tones more in line with an orangey red. Perhaps she prefers these!

"Kate is very lucky in that she can really pull off any colour, however, she has a cooler undertone and tends to shine her brightest in strong blues and jewel tones."

A head stylist Megan Watkins also gave her two cents to the publication and noted that besides wearing orange, the royal has remained largely consistent in her colour pallet. 

She claimed: "We know Kate for wearing subdued, classic colours like forest green, navy and her favourite, royal blue and is rarely seen in brighter colours such as yellow, orange or pink."

"Kate knows that whatever she wears, it's going to hit the headlines and that the ensemble will no doubt sell out. This is an enormous pressure to face, so she often opts for colour combinations that she knows work well and suit her personal style."