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Shirley Ballas addresses split from fiancé Danny Taylor

Shirley Ballas says 'haven't seen Danny Taylor in months'

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August 12, 2023
Shirley Ballas opens up about fiancé Danny Taylo: Havent Seen Him in Months.
Shirley Ballas opens up about fiancé Danny Taylo: 'Haven't Seen Him in Months.'

Shirley Ballas, the renowned judge of Strictly Come Dancing, has addressed the rumors surrounding her relationship status with her younger fiancé Danny Taylor.

Shirley Ballas recently acknowledged that she and Taylor have encountered challenges in maintaining their bond, as their demanding schedules have kept them apart for a considerable span of time.

Speaking to The Sun, Ballas shared insights into their relationship dynamics. 

Despite the hurdles, she emphasized the endurance of their relationship, stating, "Danny, we're still together after four and a half years. 

That's miraculous." She pointed out the inherent difficulties in balancing their commitments, as both individuals grapple with packed schedules.

However, she noted their concerted efforts to navigate these challenges and keep their relationship intact. 

The couple, who exhibit a significant age difference of 13 years, initially crossed paths during pantomime rehearsals for Jack And The Beanstalk in 2018, marking the genesis of their inseparable journey.

In the midst of these personal dynamics, Shirley Ballas has undertaken an adventurous pursuit by participating in a charity Skyathlon. This endeavor involves tackling a series of daring feats, including a zipline experience, a wing walk, and a skydive.

To support the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), Shirley Ballas has undertaken a series of daring challenges, all aimed at raising funds for the cause. 

The poignant motivation behind her efforts lies in the memory of her brother David, who took his own life two decades ago.