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'Succession' finale still not on Brian Cox's watchlist

'Succession's Brian Cox has said: 'I've never liked watching myself for a start'

By Web Desk
June 05, 2023
Succession finale still not on Brian Coxs watchlist
'Succession' finale still not on Brian Cox's watchlist 

Succession bombshell finale is the talk of the town; however, the series lead Brian Cox has not found time to watch it because he is not "clingy."

Stopping by on Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg, the Scottish star shared his views about the show saying his on-screen kids did not deserve to sit on the commanding chair of the family business.

However, he admitted, "I haven't seen the end of the show."

When questioned why, the 77-year-old cheekily said, "I'm dead, dead people don't watch things like that."

"I've never liked watching myself for a start, and somehow or another because of what happened to Logan I've been disinclined to watch the rest," he added.

Cox continued, "I don't cling onto things, when I'm over, it's over and I go on, and I find that with this show which has been a great show.

"It has been one of the great shows of all time, especially for me, so I can't complain."

Originally premiered in 2018 on HBO and was hailed as the idea of British creator Jesse Armstrong.