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'Indiana Jones' Harrison Ford reveals why he 'yelled' at film crew

Harrison Ford faced a shoulder injury on 'The Indiana Jones and Dials of Destiny' set

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June 01, 2023
Indiana Jones Harrison Ford raps stunt team for help
'Indiana Jones' Harrison Ford raps stunt team for help 

Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford revealed why he yelled at the stunt crew during the shooting of Dial of Destiny.

During an interview with Esquire, the 80-year-old recalled when a stunt team tried to help him get off the horse after doing a scene.

He disapproved of the help, saying, “I thought, ‘What the **?’ Like I was being attacked by gropers. I look down, and there’s three stunt guys there making sure I didn’t fall off the stirrup.”

Adding, “They said, ‘Oh, we were just afraid because we thought, you know, and bah bah bah bah.’ And I said, ‘Leave me the ** alone…Leave me alone, I’m an old man getting off a horse, and I want it to look like that!”’

It is pertinent to mention here that Ford faced a shoulder injury during the film shooting in 2021.

In other news, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has officially shared that Harrison Ford will not reprise his character after the upcoming Indiana Jones movie.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly Dagobah Dispatch, the head honcho said, "It's Harrison's last entry," adding, "That's how we look at the Indy franchise."

"I mean, truthfully, right now, if we were to do anything, it might be in series television down the road, but we're not doing anything to replace Indiana Jones," she added.

The president continued, "This is it. It's five movies that Harrison Ford did. And Harrison is so specific and so unique to creating this role. We just… Steven [Spielberg] agrees, we just wouldn't do that."