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King Charles got Harry Styles rejection due to 'woke fans?'

King Charles Coronation did not get approval of A-lister singers

By Web Desk
May 29, 2023
King Charles got Harry Styles rejection due to woke fans?

King Charles faced rejection from various singers to perform at the Coronation concert.

Due to differing opinions on the monarchy and emergence of 'woke' fans, the King was turned down by artists including Harry Styles.

Ryan-Mark in a joint interview with Ben Ofoedu tells "A lot of celebrities - I think Harry Styles was asked to perform and a few others - they might have turned down the opportunity to perform at the concert because they listened to their woke fans who are about 13 years old and they all hate the king because they think it's fashionable.

"There was also TikTok trend about the king."

He continued: "It's like what Ben was saying. It's a symptom of our times.

"You can't be proud of where you come from if it's in the UK.

"You can't wear the flag because it's synonymous with colonialism, fascism and jingoism. I think that's a real tragedy," he continues.

The TV star, however, asked the singers to get "backbone" and support the British monarchy.

Ryan-Mark added: "I'm just fed up with it. Not enough people speak up about it because they don't want to get cancelled, they want to save their careers. They don't want to get attacked online by trolls, but they need to get a backbone."