Sunday December 10, 2023

Gerard Pique accused of sending explicit messages to model while dating Shakira

Gerard Pique allegedly made improper advances to Brazilian model Susy Cortez while he was committed to Shakira

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May 18, 2023

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Brazilian model Susy Cortez made shocking revelation about Gerard Pique as she disclosed that he sent her explicit messages and pictures while he was dating Shakira.

Almost a year after the Waka Waka singer and the former Barcelona player parted ways, Cortez came forward with her allegations that Pique made improper advances to her.

At the time of duo’s separation, they refused to reveal the reason behind their split, however, several reports claimed that Gerard cheated on Shakira.

Adding fuel to the speculations, the Brazilian model said that the footballer was unfaithful to the Columbian singer, claiming she did not say anything at the time in respect of Shakira.

"I was friends with the former president of Barcelona, Sandro Rosell,” Cortez said as per Marca Magazine. “When Piqué found out, he asked for my phone number and sent me a message.”

“Later, once I was back in Brazil, he even slid into my Instagram DMs, inquiring about my return to Europe and, rather inappropriately, asking about the size of my derrière," she added.

The model went on to add that she chose not to disclose this “out of respect for Shakira,” before revealing the extent to which Gerard, who is a father to two sons with Shakira, went to woo her even though he was in a committed relationship.

“But now, I'm going to share everything I know and what I went through,” she said. “He sent me explicit photos, although I refrained from opening them.”

“He even went as far as offering me a private jet to fly me from London. I believe such actions are highly disrespectful, and Shakira certainly didn't deserve this,” she added.

Cortez further said that Gerard Pique was the one initiating the conversation with her while revealing that Lionel Messi and Philippe Coutinho are the only Barcelona players who never contacted her ever.

“The only Barcelona players who have never approached me inappropriately were Messi and Coutinho. They are outstanding husbands and deeply respect their wives,” she said.