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Jamie Chung spills the beans on Succession cameo

Jamie Chung shared excitement over her cameo in Succession

By Web Desk
May 06, 2023
Jamie Chung spills the beans on Succession cameo
Jamie Chung spills the beans on Succession cameo

Season 4 of HBO’s satirical drama series, Succession, featured Jamie Chung in a cameo appearance and the actress couldn’t hold her excitement back as she talked about the popular show.

Talking to Us Weekly in an exclusive interview, the actress said, “I mean, listen, when you have an opportunity to be on a show like that, you say yes, you know?”

As she promoted her and husband Bryan Greenberg’s partnership with Shipt, The Hangover part II actress also shared that there was secrecy even in the scripts because of (spoiler alert!) Logan Roy’s death in the season 4 episode.

“By the way, all the scripts [were] redacted because of that very reason, because [of] that big secret”. 

The Real World alum, 40, was seen singing praises of her co-stars, “to see them work live … it was so fun to be a part of”.

Greenberg, 44, jokingly added, “When she was shooting that she came home and she was like, ‘Oh my God, you wanna hear a spoiler? I was like, ‘No I don’t!’”

Chung chuckled and shot back, “Bryan, I signed an NDA!”

To which Greenberg laughed and quipped, “Well, I didn’t share it with anybody. You ruined it for me!’”

Chung’s cameo appearance was featured in the episode titled Connor’s Wedding. She portrayed the wedding coordinator Beth. The episode aired April 29, a day before the actress’s birthday, making it all the more special for her.