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Prince Harry’s silence over ‘The Crown’ is over ‘squillion-dollar deal’

Prince Harry has come under fire for his silence towards ‘The Crown’ over the ‘squillion-dollar deal’ with Netflix

By Web Desk
March 26, 2023

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Experts believe Prince Harry’s silence regarding Netlfix’s attempts to showcase Diana’s crash have been called out.

These admissions have been brought to light by journalist Jane Moore.

Moore's admissions were shared with The Sun and read, “The mangled wreckage of a black Mercedes has been spotted on the set of the sixth and final series of Netflix drama The Crown, which will cover Princess Diana’s death.”

“No doubt Prince Harry – who has been very vocal about protecting his mother’s memory from exploitation – will have something to say about this dramatic rehashing of such a tragic event in his life.”

“But so far? Nada,” she went on to add.

“Call me an old cynic, but could this silence be in any way related to the squillion-dollar deal that he and Meghan have with the streaming giant?”