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Prince Harry would check 'doors' for security late at night in US

Prince Harry was worried about the safety of his family

By Web Desk
March 23, 2023
Prince Harry would check doors for security late at night in US

Prince Harry found himself wandering at nights at Tyler Perry’s home.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex reveals he would often check the doors of the house to ensure his family’s safety.

He pens: “Late at night, with everyone asleep, I’d walk the house, checking the doors and windows. Then I’d sit on the balcony or the edge of the garden and roll a joint. The house looked down onto a valley, across a hillside thick with frogs.”

Harry adds: “I’d listen to their late-night song, smell the flower-scented air. The frogs, the smells, the trees, the big starry sky, it all brought me back to Botswana. But maybe it’s not just the flora and fauna, I thought. Maybe it’s more the feeling of safety. Of life.”