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Who did Hasan Raheem dedicate 'Peechay Hutt' to?

"The song now belongs to the movement," singer tweets

By Web Desk
March 14, 2023
An elderly woman dances to Peechay Hutt during Aurat March. — Twitter/@AuratMarch
An elderly woman dances to 'Peechay Hutt' during Aurat March. — Twitter/@AuratMarch

Pakistani singer, songwriter and rapper Hasan Raheem on Tuesday announced that his Coke Studio banger Peechay Hutt is the anthem for Aurat March or women's march.

The empowering song — which was also featured in the Marvel series Ms Marvel — was made in collaboration with Talal Qureshi and featured Justin Bibis — local singers who rose to fame for their spectacular imitation of international popstar Justin Bieber.

Recently, organisers of Aurat March Lahore used the song during its rally. Sharing a video of women grooving to the song on Twitter, the Aurat March's official handle put their own twist to the lyrics and wrote: “Rasta choriae ab ham aa gayae/Garbar ke bawajood March kar gayae/Mashra aur state khechain tangain, phir bhi chah gayae na/Peechay hutt [Make way, now we’re here/despite problems, we’ve held the march/the society and the state pulls our legs, but we’ve still conquered].”

Days later, Hasan took to Twitter and wrote: “Peechay hutt is the anthem of aurat march aur ye gaana ab isy movement ka hai [the song now belongs to the movement]. I started writing the song with “Rasta choriye ab ham agaye” for Justin bibi’s and now it’s become the voice of the women of Pakistan. The oppression has to end!!!”

The lines apparently are a tribute to the Bibis own success, as they metamorphised from a meme to singing sensations.

Six years after their video of singing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” had gone viral on the internet, finally got a big break in 2021, when Saania Sohail, 21, and Muqadas Jandad, 18, were asked to sing in Coke Studio.

The two women sing the chorus of the song, lending their voice to the lines “Rasta choriye ab ham aa gaye (peechay hutt)/ Garbar kiye bina yun gaa gaye (gaa gaye)/ Sab kheenchain tangein phir bhee cha gaye na (peechay)/ Aur samjhay kay hum tou ghabra gaye. [Make way, now we’re here/ We’ve sung without a flaw or err/ Despite many legs pulling, we've conquered/ And you thought we got deterred!]”

However, Raheem now has dedicated these lines — and the song — to all women who struggle and face challenges and stand firm against the patriarchy, demanding their rights.

“Standing in solidarity with the brave women of Pakistan who are out on to the streets to demand their rights and are fighting for gender equality. We must listen, we must support, we must act,” the singer further wrote.

He further said, “Dua yehi hai kay Allah sabko apney hifzo amaan main rakhey aur hamey amal karney ki silahiyat day. [I pray that Allah keep everyone safe and gives us the ability to implement what is right.]

Twitter's response to the songwriter’s dedication is that of adulation. Many people have come forward to share their love for the singer, lauding the move.

One user said: “Wasn't a Hasan Raheem fan until this tweet.”