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'Stranger at the Gate' screening: Malala calls for unity to defeat extremism in Pakistan

'Stranger at the Gate': Malala calls for unity to defeat extremism

By Web Desk
February 09, 2023
Stranger at the Gate screening: Malala calls for unity to defeat extremism in Pakistan

Malala Yousafzai has urged the religious and political leadership of Pakistan to reject terrorism, militancy and Taliban and put on a united front against the menace of extremism.

Speaking to Geo News at the screening of her Oscar-shortlisted documentary film "Stranger at the Gate", the education activist called on the Pakistani leadership to unite for the sake of peace.

"We will have to unite against Taliban and tell them that their is no justification for extremism in Islam," said the Nobel laureate.

Malala said the Taliban should not be allowed to use "Islam, our traditions and values."

She said she decided to become executive producer of the film to spread the message of harmony and forgiveness

The film tells the true story of U.S. Marine Richard “Mac” McKinney. Suffering from PTSD, McKinney decides to bomb the mosque in his hometown of Muncie, Ind. When he arrives at the mosque to gather more information for his plan, the congregants, including Afghan refugees and an African American convert, welcome him and show him kindness. Soon after, instead of committing an act of violence, McKinney converts to Islam and becomes president of the mosque.