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King Charles bond with Prince William ‘under threat’ amid Harry row

King Charles and his eldest son Prince William may be headed for an icy rift of their own

By Web Desk
February 06, 2023

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King Charles and his eldest son Prince William may be headed for an icy rift of their own, with a royal expert predicting that their once-warm relationship is ‘under threat’ over Prince Harry and his antics.

Writing for News AU, expert Daniela Elser commented on recent reports suggesting that King Charles and Prince William have been disagreeing over the decision to invite Prince Harry to Charles’ coronation in May; as per reports, William is against his father sending out an invite to his rogue brother.

Referencing the iconic 2020 Father’s Day photo shared by Prince William, showing him a in a warm embrace with King Charles, Elser said: “Here were two future Kings hugging with such a shocking excess of warmth and tenderness that Queen Victoria must have been rolling over in her grave.”

But now, as per Elser, “That father-son bonhomie could be under threat, with a growing chorus of warnings suggesting that Charles and William are at loggerheads as they tussle over the thorny question of what to do with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.”

The royal expert then went on to share how Prince William and King Charles were said to have forged a close relationship in the wake of Harry and wife Meghan Markle’s exit from the royal family in 2020, but that his bombshell memoir Spare has now threatened that bond.

“What matters here is not just what resolution they might all reach about the coronation but the fact that any sort of growing wedge between Charles and William would be disastrous,” Elser then said.

She also stated: “The very last thing the royal family needs right now… is another destabilising and distracting family feud.”