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Dave Bautista eyes 'Gears of War,' waiting for Netflix call

Dave Bautista is a long-time fan of 'Gears of War'

By Web Desk
February 05, 2023
Dave Bautista eyes Gears of War, waiting for Netflix call
Dave Bautista eyes 'Gears of War', waiting for Netflix call

Dave Bautista staked his hopes to become part of the announced Netflix's live-action adaptation of the video game series Gears of War.

During an interview with Variety, the Dune star opened up on his wish to play the video game protagonist, Marcus Fenix.

"It's a part that I've sought after for years, and I feel like I could bring a lot of heart to Marcus Fenix. I really would," Bautista said. "I think I would do that part justice. I feel confident in it, so hopefully, it'll come my way, and we'll be having this conversation in a different way sometime."

Previously, the 53-year-old also revealed that he skipped the Fast and Furious role for the Gears of War film.

"They wanted to talk to me about Fast and the Furious, and I said 'I'm not interested, let's talk about [Gears of War character] Marcus Fenix."

Earlier, the former WWE star tweeted that the film's creators "could give AF" about him in the project, "They're listening. And they could give AF!.. but thank you for the support. Believe me when I say I've tried everything to make this happen."