Friday March 31, 2023

Meghan Markle has ‘deep concern to seek revenge on anyone who gets in her way’

Meghan Markle has just been branded a ‘person of profound selfishness’

By Web Desk
February 04, 2023

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Meghan Markle has been accused of reportedly harboring a ‘profound’ level of selfishness and desire to “seek revenge on anyone who gets in her way.”

This conversation arose shortly after Justin Welby’s thoughts of Meghan Markle were discussed by writer Dan Wootton.

For those unversed, Mr Welby, Member of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom claimed, “She's a person of profound humanity and deep concern for people, seeking to carry out her role with every ounce of her being – and I think she's a remarkable person.”

In response to this Mr Wootton said, “Yeah right she is! Meghan is actually a person of profound selfishness with a deep concern to seek revenge on anyone who gets in her way.”

“It’s also a miscalculation to suggest that non-attendance at the coronation by Harry and Meghan would overshadow proceedings.”

“As William worries, the bigger risk is the couple, who feel they have nothing to lose in their pathetic mission, hijack the national moment of celebration for their own purposes.”

“Charles and the rest of the royal institution metaphorically opened their arms up wide opens to the Sussexes during the funerals of both Prince Philip and the late Queen, and the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, only for the couple to use the access to reveal more lurid private details in their commercial projects.”

Before concluding Mr Wootton added, “It’s time for the Royal Family to wise up to the Sussexes’ strategy and realise there’s imminent danger in Meghan’s current silence.”