Friday March 31, 2023

King Charles’ links to ‘colonialism, slavery’ bashed: ‘What are they so afraid of?’

King Charles’ links to the slave trade, as well colonialism’ have just been bashed by Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter

By Web Desk
January 29, 2023

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King Charles is reportedly fearful of the racist past of the British monarchy being exposed, according to claims made by Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter.

This clapback has been issued by none other than the granddaughter of the famous Nelson Mandela.

Ndileka Mandela broke down her reasons for supporting Meghan Markle in a piece for the Independent.

The piece read, “I am mortified to have seen how my words were twisted in such a way as to distort my genuine concerns about the commercial exploitation of my grandfather’s legacy. For decades, people have sold flyers and T-shirts of my grandfather for profits which do not support the causes and values he fought so hard for.”

“But it pales in comparison to how my grandfather’s name was misused to attack a woman of colour who was, effectively, hounded out of the British royal family.”

“How could such a thing happen? I believe it’s because of the symbolic significance of Harry and Meghan’s subversive dissent from the royal status quo, which has exposed to sunlight many problems with the institution of the Crown which otherwise would remain unknown.”

“I believe it’s because despite our real victories against apartheid, colonialism and slavery – in some ways, the mindset behind these crimes – is alive and well in some of our most powerful institutions.”

“The same voices that want to impugn Harry and Meghan want to silence the rest of us who are still fighting for the values my grandfather stood for: for them, speaking of the realities of Britain’s role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade is taboo; the scale of atrocities committed by the British empire is to be expunged from historical memory; admitting the ongoing challenges of institutional racism should be banned from schools and universities.”

“What are they so afraid of? They are afraid that the more we speak out, inspired by the indomitable spirit of my grandfather, the more the persistent legacies of colonialism, slavery and apartheid hidden within the crony laws of predatory capitalism and broken democracies will be exposed.”