Tuesday March 28, 2023

Prince Harry says distance was 'essential' part of 'every royal being'

Prince Harry admits he was told to conceal his feelings as a royal family member

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January 28, 2023
Prince Harry says distance was essential part of every royal being
Prince Harry says distance was 'essential' part of 'every royal being'

Prince Harry says he was not encouraged to talk about feelings back in the day.

The Duke of Sussex admits he was always ‘taught’ to keep things and feelings to himself.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, Harry notes: “As a royal, you were always taught maintain a buffer zone between you and the rest of the creation.

“Even working a crowd you always kept a discreet distance between Yourself and Them. Distance was right, distance was safe, distance was survival. Distance was an essential bit of being royal, no less than standing on the balcony, waving to the crowds outside Buckingham Palace, your family all around you. Of course, family included distance as well,” he continues.

Harry adds: “No matter how much you might love someone, you could never cross that chasm between, say, monarch and child. Or Heir and Spare. Physically, but also emotionally. It wasn’t just Willy’s edict about giving him space; the older generation maintained a nearly zero-tolerance prohibition on all physical contact. No hugs, no kisses, no pats. Now and then, maybe a light touching of cheeks…on special occasions.”