Tuesday February 07, 2023

Netflix 'You' Prof. Jonathan Moore drops a 'Pop Quiz' to test fans' knowledge

Netflix 'You' official Twitter account has shared a 'Pop Quiz' based on 5 questions from Joe Goldberg's life

By Web Desk
January 25, 2023
Netflix You Prof. Jonathan Moore drops a Pop Quiz to test fans knowledge
Netflix 'You' Prof. Jonathan Moore drops a 'Pop Quiz' to test fans' knowledge

Netflix psychological-thriller series You professor Jonathan Moore has dropped a pop quiz for fans to test their knowledge on the show's previous seasons.

You's official Twitter account shared a pop quiz on Tuesday on behalf of Joe Goldberg who is making his return in season 4 as professor Jonathan Moore. 

Professor Moore in this latest pop quiz is seeking the answers to the questions that are based on Joe Goldberg's past life hoping that the fans won't let him down. 

You POP QUIZ#1 includes 5 questions each having options available underneath so the fans can simply tick the correct answers. 

The shared tweet reads "Class is in session and Prof. Moore is putting you to the test. don't let him down or he'll surely teach you a lesson." 

POP QUIZ #1! how well do you know joe's homes? take a screenshot of the quiz, fill it out and drop it in the comments."

Soon after the fun quiz popped up the enthusiastic fans of the series flooded the comment section with the correct answers.

You season 4 part 1 is all set to hit the streaming giant on February 9, 2023, while the part 2 is expected to debut the platform one month later on March 9, 2023.

In addition to that, Netflix Twitter account also released a collage of four pictures from the upcoming season seeking predictions from fans on what is going to happen next with professor Moore. 

The American actor Penn Badgley is playing Joe Goldberg in the hit series.