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Prince William, Kate Middleton intend on ‘welcoming’ baby no. 4 ‘with open arms’

Prince William, Kate Middleton reportedly plan on welcoming baby no. 4 with ‘open arms’

By Web Desk
December 10, 2022

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Prince William and Kate Middleton are reportedly hopeful for the birth of baby no. 4 and intend on welcoming them with open arms.

This revelation has been issued by an inside source close to Us Weekly.

The inside source started the admission off by highlighting how ‘grateful’ the couple is for the possibility of baby no. 4.

They started by saying, “They’re both very grateful for what they have and count themselves extremely blessed to have three beautiful, healthy children to raise.”

“But if a 4th were to come along, that would be something they’d welcome with open arms.”

“Kate and William are going with the flow in that regard, so this is neither a priority nor something they’ve ruled out. As far as their friends and family are concerned it’s very much a matter of watch this space.”