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Meghan Markle’s reality TV stint ‘would be absolutely ruthless’

Meghan Markle would reportedly be an ‘absolutely ruthless’ guest for reality TV

By Web Desk
November 26, 2022

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Royal experts feel Meghan Markle’s possible stint on reality TV would become something ‘absolutely ruthless’.

The possibility of Meghan Markle joining I'm A Celebrity like Mike Tindall has been referenced by reality TV star Nicola McLean.

She started by discussing the possibility and told the Daily Star, “Let's be honest, we would never get them on, 100 percent not.”

“But we can dream well I think Meghan has proven herself to be absolutely ruthless and ambitious so I think she would smash it in there and I think she would have the mental mind to just get down and really go for it.”

“She just really provokes such a bad reaction in people. I don't understand it. I'm not a royalist but they don't bother me at all.”

“But yeah, I think they'd be quite good in there. They are all primed from young to be able to handle any situation so I think that the jungle is easier to live in than the Royal Family.”