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Netflix 'The Crown' Dominic West, Olivia Williams talk on filming upcoming season 6

Netflix 'The Crown' star Dominic West, Olivia Williams shared about filming on season 6 and more

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November 21, 2022
Netflix The Crown Dominic West, Olivia Williams talk on filming season 6
Netflix 'The Crown' Dominic West, Olivia Williams talk on filming season 6

Netflix series The Crown actors Dominic West and Olivia Williams reflected on the series behind-the-scenes and sixth season.

In season 5, Dominic West and Olivia Williams have played Prince Charles and Camilla Parker, during an interview with Collider, West and Williams discussed how being behind the scenes of The Crown is like being “kidnapped by a very posh circus.”

When asked about the behind-the-scenes experience during the shoot of The Crown, West responded enthusiastically, “Yeah, it's amazing. It's like settling into the back of one of those amazing 1990s Bentleys that I get to drive around in occasionally on this show. I mean, it's very like that. You feel incredibly supported and surrounded by extreme prosperity.

Williams also added, “It's like being kidnapped by a very posh circus. You get taken in a car, and the crunch of gravel tells you [that] you've arrived at a stately home, and then there's a big top the way you go in and come out looking like a member of the royal family. It's lovely.

The 53-year-old actor and the Rushmore actress shared a little bit about working on 6th and last season when inquired about their experience.

“Yeah, well it's extraordinary because, of course, it comes at the time after the Queen's death when I suppose The Crown has attracted more criticism than probably before. It's also the most tumultuous season in many ways.”

West went on further, “It also covers the time that most people remember since the start of the show. So it's a very exciting and daunting time to be doing this material because you're aware of the responsibility. These are people are still alive and that's an immense responsibility.”

Adding to that Williams responded, “Well, also Netflix and Peter Morgan are just so at the top of their game now.”

She continued, “You've got these extraordinary episodes in season 5, where you can have the luxury of an episode about the Romanoffs, or an episode just about divorce. It's much more a philosophical show than just a sort of chronological retelling.”